Consider us your partner in NFC, from write to end

NFC can be complex - so we set out to make an simple-to-use platform for businesses - and that's what we've done.

Who are we

We build & integrate NFC-based technologies for businesses

Use our award winning NFC Tag Management platform accessible online and via iOS and Android, to manage your NFC tags all in one place.

Make your NFC tags dynamic

We provide dynamic as well as static NFC tags. Choosing dynamic NFC allows you to change the data they hold from our platform without reprogramming the tags themselves.


Learn the applications to your space


Casual restaurants, fine dining restaurants.


Drive-through, fast food, coffee-chains.


Events, festivals, food fairs.

Food trucks

Food trucks, street vendors.


Hotels, in-room dining.

Products & services

Transform business processes with NFC

We offer a range of services designed to transform your business.

Tag management

Manage your NFC tags
in one place.

NFC encryption

Authenticate physical
user presence.

QR integration

Manage QR codes &
NFC tags together.

NFC consulting

Consulting services to
grow in knowledge.

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